Mission Multiply

A Deeper Dive into Mission Multiply

Equipping ministries to better tell their stories, expand their reach, bring clarity to their mission, and multiply their champions… in digital spaces.

The Problem

Mission Increase was formed to solve common problems for both ministries and givers. These include ministry over‐dependence on a few donors, lack of good business practices, inability to measure effectiveness and outcomes, lack of cooperation and working together among ministries and between churches and ministries, and the challenges of givers measuring the outcomes of their giving.

In recent years, a newer problem has emerged. So many small to medium-sized ministries we work with often lack the time and resources needed to make sense of digital marketing, failing to put to good use platforms like their website, an email campaign, or a social media presence. This leaves them feeling out of touch and left behind.

At Mission Increase, we believe that ministries of all sizes deserve access to the best digital marketing expertise and resources. There should be no barriers for ministry leaders to gain the skills and capabilities needed to share their message with clarity in digital spaces.

Our Solution

Mission Increase is building on over 20 years of helping ministries grow through teaching, coaching, and consulting and is now inviting every ministry in every Mission Increase community to take advantage of a brand-new program, Mission Multiply.

Through Mission Multiply, our desire is to equip ministries with the most effective tools and resources to better tell their stories, expand their reach, bring clarity to their mission, and multiply their champions in digital spaces. We want to help each of our ministries clarify their digital marketing messaging, mechanics, and measurement.

What We Offer

Mission Multiply offers digital resources, training, and tools designed for our ministry leaders to put into practice immediately. The content and training Mission Multiply provides complements the training and workshops that each Mission Increase Area Director provides.

Mission Multiply will deliver content via:

  • National / regional webinars
  • Topic-specific group Zoom calls
  • One-on-one consulting
  • And more!

As a first step, we are inviting our ministries to participate in a Digital Marketing Assessment. This assessment will enable us to help our ministries exactly where they are today, with an eye toward where they want to take their organization moving forward. Upon completing the free assessment, we are inviting those leaders to participate in a free 30-minute assessment review Zoom call with Danny Rohrdanz, Mission Increase’s Digital Program Director, along with the leader’s MI Area Director.

We are glad you’re here. We can’t wait to begin this journey with you.


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