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Not every digital communications platform is created equal. The mechanics are different for each. This is why a layered communications strategy is essential to your marketing plan. In our new guide, Creating a Layered Communications Strategy – Helpful Tips for Common Communication Platforms, our aim is to help you plan accordingly for each platform. We’ll give you best practices for proper word count, the best and worst days and times to post on social media, adequate image sizes by platform, and more! We hope you use this guide as a companion when creating content for each of your communications platforms. In this guide, we’ll cover topics such as: Proper image and video upload sizes for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn Ideal template, header, and image sizes for your email campaigns The best way to structure images in your blog posts and articles Proper word count and post length for blog posts and…

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There are indeed many ways to fail at marketing. You may not honestly know your audience. You may swing and miss on the best use of specific platforms. To reach your donors, you could come across as insincere or tone-deaf to those your organization serves. These are all examples of errors of commission. You tried and failed; you acted, and you were wrong. But have you ever considered the effect that errors of omission can have on your marketing? When your organization should or could have acted but chose not to? See, so many “should-haves,” “could-haves,” and “would-haves” in nonprofit marketing come at the expense of a misinformed marketing misconception. When you want better results, but the reason for not doing something is unproven and untested, it may be time to rethink that strategy. In this resource, we want to give you the top Five Nonprofit Marketing Misconceptions we regularly hear in coaching conversations with nonprofit…

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Imagine what you can do with an additional $10,000 of monthly advertising at no charge to your organization. New visitors to your website – every single month. The Google Ads Grant program is more than free clicks. It’s in-kind advertising that has the potential to significantly multiply your impact. Google’s powerful search engine enables nonprofits to increase awareness, recruit volunteers, promote upcoming events and boost donations. We are thrilled that our friends and partners at FIVE Q have made their Google Ads Grant guide available at no charge to our Mission Increase / Mission Multiply communities. We hope you’ll dive into this valuable resource today! In this guide you’ll learn: What the Google Ads Grant is and how it works How to determine if your nonprofit is eligible and the application process Tips to get your ads account set up correctly and track conversions How to avoid common compliance issues and best…

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What metrics matter to your organization? Are you using data to drive your digital strategy? After years of experience working with ministries and technology, we know this to be true: what you measure, you improve. Website data is key for successful online fundraising and marketing. For example, do you know how visitors are finding and interacting with your website and digital campaigns? Analyzing this data will help you make informed decisions when improving your online presence, launching new fundraising campaigns, and measuring engagement strategies. We are thrilled that our friends and partners at FIVE Q have made their Intro to Google Analytics guide available at no charge to our Mission Increase / Mission Multiply communities. We hope you’ll dive into this valuable resource today! Upon completing this guide, you’ll learn: Why understanding your data matters Advanced settings in Google Analytics that are a must for marketers What key metrics to…

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Telling your organization’s story using digital marketing can often feel overwhelming and confusing. Many ministry leaders often tell us they don’t have the time or resources to do it well, or in a way that makes much of a difference. However, avoiding it altogether, especially when incorporating your website and email marketing campaigns, could leave you feeling left behind, and missing out on connecting with your champions. In this webinar, which aired on August 25th, 2021, Tracy Nordyke and Danny Rohrdanz discuss what is essential when it comes to your website and email marketing, and what practices need to be avoided altogether. Your year-end campaign is too important to misuse these vital platforms. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to steward your digital assets in a way that expands your ministry’s reach, brings clarity to your mission, and multiplies your champions. Check out the webinar replay below! Download a…

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Resource Description From email templates, device testing, to clear calls-to-action, and follow-up thank you’s, this checklist will be sure to help you make the best use of your email marketing through the lifetime of your year-end campaign. Think of this as your companion checklist to make sure your emails are effective, throughout each stage of your year-end campaign. The checklist includes many sections, including: Pre-Campaign Checklist During-Campaign Checklist Launch Email checklist Progress email checklists and types Post-Campaign Checklist Follow up, thank you messages, and success metrics to track Download now:

Resource Description From mobile readiness, donation form testing, to blog writing, and call-to-action placement, this checklist will be sure to give you the best step forward when putting your digital home base to work during your campaign. Think of this as your companion checklist to make sure your website is effective, throughout each stage of your year-end campaign. The checklist includes three sections: Pre-Campaign Checklist During-Campaign Checklist Post-Campaign Checklist Download now:

At Mission Multiply, we have the privilege of working some of the nation’s top marketing professionals and agency owners. We are thrilled to begin introducing them to you and giving you and your ministry the opportunity to learn from them, as we surely have. This timely article was originally written by Andy Jones. Andy is the Founder and Managing Partner of Roundtree, a creative agency based in Chattanooga, TN. Roundtree helps faith-based organizations clarify and amplify their marketing to grow donor relationships. Andy also serves on the local advisory board for Mission Increase Chattanooga. The original article can be found on Roundtree’s website. You can connect with Andy here. We thought the insights that Andy gained after donating to 100 nonprofit organizations through their websites were valuable as we head into a season of year-end giving. We encourage you to read through his list and make some notes about your…

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