Five Nonprofit Marketing Misconceptions

There are indeed many ways to fail at marketing. You may not honestly know your audience. You may swing and miss on the best use of specific platforms. To reach your donors, you could come across as insincere or tone-deaf to those your organization serves. These are all examples of errors of commission. You tried and failed; you acted, and you were wrong.

But have you ever considered the effect that errors of omission can have on your marketing? When your organization should or could have acted but chose not to? See, so many “should-haves,” “could-haves,” and “would-haves” in nonprofit marketing come at the expense of a misinformed marketing misconception.

When you want better results, but the reason for not doing something is unproven and untested, it may be time to rethink that strategy.

In this resource, we want to give you the top Five Nonprofit Marketing Misconceptions we regularly hear in coaching conversations with nonprofit and ministry leaders. Once addressed, these misconceptions can be re-tooled and reset to enhance your organization’s marketing for greater results and deeper impact.

In this guide, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • Email marketing misconceptions
  • Marketing strategy misconceptions
  • Social media misconceptions
  • Target audience and demographic misconceptions
  • Key message and repetition misconceptions

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