Google Ads Grant for Nonprofits

Imagine what you can do with an additional $10,000 of monthly advertising at no charge to your organization. New visitors to your website – every single month.

The Google Ads Grant program is more than free clicks. It’s in-kind advertising that has the potential to significantly multiply your impact. Google’s powerful search engine enables nonprofits to increase awareness, recruit volunteers, promote upcoming events and boost donations.

We are thrilled that our friends and partners at FIVE Q have made their Google Ads Grant guide available at no charge to our Mission Increase / Mission Multiply communities. We hope you’ll dive into this valuable resource today!

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • What the Google Ads Grant is and how it works
  • How to determine if your nonprofit is eligible and the application process
  • Tips to get your ads account set up correctly and track conversions
  • How to avoid common compliance issues and best practices
  • Strategy for creating ads that move visitors through your donor funnel

Download the Google Ads Grant Guide


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