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Through Mission Multiply, we desire to come alongside your ministry and provide help and resources for all things digital marketing. To specifically serve your organization, we need to know where things stand today. Your answers to this survey will help us set you on a more attainable and effective path for your storytelling and digital marketing. When we say, “digital marketing”, here is what we mean:

Digital marketing, sometimes called “online marketing”, is utilizing the internet or any form of digital communication to connect with potential and existing customers, donors, volunteers, or advocates. The tools used in digital marketing can include your website, email campaigns, social media, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and SMS (text message) marketing. If a marketing campaign includes a piece of digital communication, it is digital marketing.

Upon completing this assessment you will have the option to schedule a FREE 30-minute Assessment Review with members of the Mission Multiply team to discuss the results of your completed assessment. This will be a beneficial time to get feedback on your marketing status and receive some helpful ideas of where to go next. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

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